Methods for testings Feline Creative Intelligence
Methods for testings Feline Creative Intelligence

Test Your Cat's Creative Potential

The Museum of Non-Primate Art has recently introduced a set of 18 pictorial cards which have been specially designed by their animal psychologist to enable people to test their cat's creative potential.

We have reproduced four of the cards here so that you can hold your cat's face up to the screen and get an idea of its aesthetic ability by noting its reactions to the pictures. When using these cards it is important to note that it is not necessary for the cat to be looking directly at the image. This is because many cats use their more color and movement-specific peripheral vision when studying objects closely and therefore look at them sideways rather than full on. (This is why cats will suddenly look intently in one direction when there seems to us to be nothing there at all.)

The complete set of 18 cards have recently been compiled in an easy-to-use book so that all cat owners have the opportunity to discover their cat's artistic potential. You can find out more about these ground-breaking test cards and/or purchase your own complete set from the MONPA Shop.


No: II Invertism Test
Tests your cat's preference for inverted or non-inverted objects.

No: IV Brain Dominance Test
Tests your cat for right or left-brain dominance

No: VII 2D Image Recognition Test
Tests your cat's ability to perceive a two dimensional image.

No: XII Inconsistency Test
Tests your cat's advanced aesthetic sensibilities by determining whether it reacts to the obvious inconsistency in the pattern.


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