The Role of the Feline Art Critic
The Role of the Feline Art Critic

The Museum of Non-Primate Art, along with galleries devoted to the curation, preservation and exhibition of cat works, are constantly on the lookout for people who are able to provide interesting and meaningful interpretations of feline creativity.

The ability to do this is not reliant solely on a knowledge of art terminology. Far more important is a person's ability to form close relationships with cats, and in so doing, reach a deep understanding of their modes of aesthetic expression.

If you feel you have this aptitude you may like to try providing your own criticism of the cat painting below. You should provide a title for the work and write a critique of no more than 200 words.

The best criticism will be displayed here for the interest and edification of other readers. MONPA staff will regularly review these critiques and may contact you should they be interested in hiring your services.

Work by Monty


The work shown here was completed in 15 minutes on bathroom wallpaper by Monty, a Persian belonging to Mrs. Nora Scrotes of Chicago.

Mrs. Scrotes feels sure that the work was directly influenced by Monty being washed and having his knots removed the day before. Not only does Monty find the experience unpleasant, but on this occasion Mrs. Scrotes had to take an extended call from her elderly mother when she was halfway through the final rinse and was therefore unable to restrain the cat from attempting to dry itself by rolling in its litter tray.


Your critique of this interesting work

Suggested title


If you would like your name to be included with your critique, please leave your name and email address here




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