Dealing With Fake Works
Dealing With Fake Works

With the growing popularity of cat art and the consequent rapid rise in prices being paid for cat paintings of all descriptions, it is not surprising that a certain number of unscrupulous people have attempted to fake feline works of art in order to line their pockets. Sometimes this has occurred as a result of the disappointment a cat owner may feel when his or her cat fails to paint, but in most cases faking is the premeditated result of greed and those of us who believe in the primacy of the cat's creative communication, must make every effort to stamp it out.

Because photographic verification is not always possible (and because photographs themselves are now capable of dishonest manipulation), it is important that we build up a body of expert knowledge which will enable us to determine the genuine cat painting from the fake, and in so doing protect the integrity of the feline aesthetic.

With this in mind we have printed nine cat paintings below, three of which are fake. Can you pick the imposters, two of which were painted by humans and one by a dog? Indicate underneath each painting whether you think it is a real cat painting or a fake. When you have submitted your answers you will be able to compare your answers with those of other visitors to the exhibition.

Please refrain from using your cat to assist you in making your choices.

Image One
1. Forbidden Feathers Freely Fall
by Oedipus

Real Human Dog

2. Expedient Union
by Smokey

Real Human Dog

Image Two
Image Three

3. Homage to Rat
by Crunch

Real Human Dog

4. The Way In is The Way Out
by Byron

Real Human Dog

Image Four
Image Five

5. Secret Sight
by Snagglepuss

Real Human Dog

6. Every Time I See a Bird I Want It
by Expresso

Real Human Dog

Image Six
Image Seven

7. Pedantic Parallels
by Moo Moo

Real Human Dog

8. Deviant Dahlias
by Marmaduke

Real Human Dog

Image Eight
Image Nine

9. Why Do You Keep Asking Me Questions?
by Portnoy

Real Human Dog



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