Test your Cats Creative Intelligence
Test your Cats Creative Intelligence


Invertism Test



No: II Invertism Test

This card tests your cat's preference for inverted or non-inverted objects.

Some cats paint representations of objects but for some reason render them upside down. These cats often prefer to lie on the ground and look at objects the wrong way up, or may take no interest in the TV until it is turned upside down.

If your cat shows a preference for the upside down fish (fig II), it is likely to have invertist tendencies and you should turn its paintings upside down before studying them for representational images.




No: IV Brain Dominance Test

This card tests your cat for right or left-brain dominance.

If your cat has a preference for the bird on the left hand side (fig I), which it may show by sniffing at it or touching it with its paw, then it is likely to be a more creative right-brain cat.

You should repeat this test at least four times within a one-hour period and ensure you continue to get a consistent response in order to confirm the brain dominance.

Brain Dominance Test


Image Recognition Test



No: VII 2D Image Recognition Test

This card tests your cat's ability to perceive a two dimensional image.

Dogs, for example, are not able to perceive flat images like this, but some cats with a high aesthetic quotient (AQ) are.

If your cat reacts to the image in some way, perhaps by recoiling or placing a paw against the picture, it is a sign that it is capable of perceiving a 2D image.

This means that it may be capable of constructing representational images as well as expressing feelings through more expressive works.




No: XII Inconsistency Test

This card tests your cat's advanced aesthetic sensibilities by determining whether it reacts to the obvious inconsistency in the pattern.

If the cat sniffs at the rabbit or places its paw on it, if it uses its peripheral vision to look at it sideways, or if it begins to flick its tail from side to side, it is likely it registers the inconsistency.

This is a sure sign of a cat with an advanced creative potential.

Inconsistency Test

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