Feline Art Galleries
Feline Art Galleries

The Philip Wood Gallery

When the Philip Wood Gallery in Berkeley, California opened its doors in the fall of 1994 it had on show the first international exhibition of paintings and works created by cats — complete with Artist in Residence, Buster.

Gallery owner Philip Wood was keen to reverse the blinkered view held by most scientists and art historians which had determined that the marks that cats had been making with paint and other media for centuries were territorially motivated rather than having any aesthetic intent.

Philip Wood co-opted the assistance of leading cat-art expert Heather Busch to both curate the exhibition and to be on hand to answer the many questions which they knew would be raised. The show was an instant success, several visitors even turned up with their cats to get first hand advice regarding painting techniques and to present their cats with positive role models.

The Gallery, which is situated on the corner of Solano and Modoc, is open on weekends until the end of 1995 when the exhibit will travel to Europe. Some merchandise is available at the Gallery, including a Limited Edition Print of "Beam Me Up" a famous piece of work by world renowned cat artist, Orangello.


Ichon Gallery

An important exhibition of art by European cats will open on February 23rd at the Villa Ichon Gallery in Bremen. For more information contact Dr Klaus Hübotter, Tel: 0421 321803 or fax: 0421 326959.


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