The Museum of Non-Primate Art wishes to acknowledge the contributions of the following people.


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Web Site Design and Implementation
Deb Shepherd, Catch 22

Feline Web Specialist
Amber, Catch 22

CGI Programming and Quicktime Development
Dr Stephen Marshall, Victoria University of Wellington


MONPA's Foundation Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors (US$500,000)
Benton Ross Foundation for Equine Esthetics
Jensen Action Fund for Artistically Challenged Canines
Irish Foundation for the Collection, Preservation and Curation of Non-Primate Art

Gold sponsors (US$250,000)
British Centre for the Study of the Aesthetics of Avian Dejecta
Animal Art in Homes Scheme
St Heather Sacred Paw Trust
Paw and Claw International Foundation for the Promotion of Pachyderm Painting
Société Française pour la conservation de l'art des escargots

Silver sponsors (US$100,000)
Andrew Monson Fish Art Trust
Australian Guild of Pet Painters
Cat Art Action Committee
Otter Ornamental Art Foundation
Royal Corgi Craft Council
League Against the Commercial Exploitation of Non-Primate Artists
Otalgia Foundation for the Preservation of Saluki Songs
Moa Memorial Fund
Small Rodent Art Achievement Award Foundation
Friends of Spider Art
Fly Painting Resource Trust
Avian Artists Welfare League



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