The World of Dancing Cats
The World of Dancing Cats

Dance Animation

The History of Feline Dance
The earliest written record of a cat dancing with a person dates from 1692 and evidence of the practice is clearly alluded to in the earliest versions of that rather strange nursery rhyme.

Feline Dance Classes
"Do I need to attend dance classes before I try dancing with my cat? "

Pre-dance Exercises

Before we can begin dancing with our cats, we must first make contact with them.

Dance Tips
The question to ask is not "Will my cat dance with me?" but rather "Will I dance with my cat?"

A Discussion on Music for Cat Dancing
"The cat", says David Parsons, "has its own unique rhythms and patterns of sound vibration that are possible to hear if you're close and quiet."

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By answering the questions on this survey you will help broaden our understanding of cat dancing and help improve feline/human communication.

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