Pre–Dance Exercises
Pre–Dance Exercises

An example of the 'Mirroring' exercise
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Before we can begin dancing with our cats, we must first make contact with them.

We can't simply put on music and expect that our cats will dance with us. We have to first align our dynamic vibration systems with theirs and bring those systems into a kind of confluence before we can build the energy levels through the dance that are necessary to attain the higher vibrationary states which enable us to channel the infinite power of the universe.

You see, human beings and cats are not simply physical bodies confined within a barrier of skin or fur. We are also made up of dynamic energy systems which extend out, and interact with, every other energy system around us.

Once we open ourselves to this energy this, infinite power, we can allow the other energies to interact with ours and magnify them in a way which brings about feelings not only of vitality but also states of deep inner peace and quietude.

Now we all know that our energy system — the human energy system — resonates on a different level from that of the cat, so what happens when we allow it to interact fully with a cat's energy structures.

Well, exactly what you'd imagine.

We create an initial discordance, a kind of intense friction which the laws of physics dictate can only resolve itself by producing a much higher energy level that is now compatible with both systems.

That's why dancing with cats can result in such intense vibrational states and lead us to experience a deep sense of empowerment.

Of course you may be lucky enough to own one of those rare cats that invites you to the dance by making a series of intricate leaps and flurries around you. One of those cats that's able to immediately bring it's vibrations into tension with yours and so instantly build the required energy.

But for most of us it will be necessary to put in time doing at least one of the pre-dance energy aligning excercises that you'll find outlined in the book Dancing With Cats.


There's a simple exercise you can try right now as you sit in front of your computer

It's one of a number of what we call mirroring exercises that will allow you to bring your body into an energy-centered relationship with your cat and prepare you to dance with it.

What we're going to do is to try a simple purring technique
Remember that purring is the way a cat modulates its energy reserves in order to restore its psychic equilibrium.

Many of you have probably never tried purring and therefore never discovered the calming effect it can have. And probably still fewer of you have tried doing it in time with your cat and found how close that can bring you to him or her.

Make sure you're sitting in a comfortable position, with your spine straight and with your mouth slightly open.

Now shut your eyes and just breath deeply for a few moments.

And as you exhale just relax your body and concentrate on making your out-breath as long, and as even, as possible.

Now as you inhale, just place the tip of your tongue very lightly on the top of your mouth, just behind your top row of teeth, and now let your long slow out-breath, gently vibrate your tongue so that you begin to make a deep, satisfying purrrr.

Now as you purrr, you'll become conscious that it's making your head vibrate. This is completely normal.

Just keep purring very evenly and now you'll gradually become aware that you can feel that vibration more in one part of your head than another.

Maybe it's at the back of your head? Or maybe by your ears?

And now as you're purring, just very slightly alter the position of your tongue and your mouth and become conscious that the vibration has changed its position in your head.

And as you keep purring you're becoming aware that you can center the vibration anywhere in your head simply by adjusting your tongue or your mouth or both.

Each time you exhale now you're moving the vibration to different parts of your head. Try moving it to the left. And now to the right.

Now you're going to direct that vibration to the very top of your head.

Feel it vibrating just the very top of your skull. Your crown chukra.

This is the place from which your own unique energy vibration will be beamed out like a very powerful ray of light.

Imagine it travelling off into the universe — becoming an indistinguishable part of all the other energy systems and going out into the entire universe and connecting you with the spirit of infinite life.

When you've practised this for a while you'll be able to lie with your cat, with the top of your head just a few inches away from the top of its head, so that your auras are almost touching, synchronise your breathing with its breathing.

Harmonise your purring with its purring and feel your energy vibrations radiating out and forming an alignment with your cat's vibrations.

Feel the tension begin to build....and feel it resolve into a new more powerful energy on a higher plane.

Now you can begin slowly, slowly to move into your dance....knowing that your cat will move into the dance with you.

Knowing that you'll be joined as one, deeply powerful, life-giving force.


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