Heather Busch, Photographer and Dance Therapist
Heather Busch — Curator, Photographer and Dance Therapist


Heather Busch

Heather Busch
Dip Fine Arts, Dip Teaching


Heather Busch is an international authority on the photography and curation of cat art and is credited with opening the Worldıs first gallery devoted exclusively to the display of cat paintings.

She has been a member of the International Council for the Curation of Feline Art since its inception and was president of the American Cat Art Verification Board from 1990 to 1992.

She has been conducting cat dancing workshops since 1996 and photographing images of people dancing with their cats since 1997.

Heather Busch is a well known New Zealand painter and sculptor and has had several other books of original work published including, "kokigami," "What is it Like to be Old?" and "Within & Beyond ­ Paintings by Heather Busch". She lives in the country with her indulged animal companions.



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