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Burton Silver

Burton Silver


Burton Silver is a New Zealand based writer and art critic who has a long time interest in all forms of Non-Primate Art as well as being deeply involved in the development of cat bonding meditation exercises

He has been instrumental in organizing a number of important solo exhibitions of cat painting including Smokey, at the On Top Gallery in New York (1991), and the Rusty Retrospective in London (1993).

As well as being a founding member of the Australasian League of Feline Art Critics, he is a regular contributor to the Journal of Non-Primate Art and lectures widely on feline energy field dynamics.

Burton Silver, who has more than ten books to his credit, is no stranger to unusual art forms and has written on subjects as diverse as the aesthetics of ornithological dejecta, and contemporary erotic Japanese paper sculpture.

He lives with his partner, four children and a cat by the sea in Wellington.



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